Musikal Sin Mixtape Vol​​.​​5: Metal Without Boundaries

by Musikal Sin

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Musikal Sin Mixtape Volume 5 - Metal Without Boundaries

Presenting Volume 5 of the Mixtape series, featuring a collection of tracks from hand-picked, underground/unsigned metal acts from various subgenres. 'Metal Without Boundaries' is for all those who like a little (or a lot) of everything heavy and metallic, and sees the first appearance on a Musikal Sin mixtape of an international act.

Click on each track for artwork/promo shots. If you like anything you hear, please check out their websites and other material - all links provided.

All tracks used with permission from, or donated by, the artists.

Artwork by Carla Johnston

1. Stormbringer - Unto Me
Taken from the album 'Blood And Rust', out now via Attic Records.

2. The Wolves Of Avalon - The Gorging Glut Of Sodden Clay feat. Varggoth of Nokturnal Mortum
Taken from the album 'Boudicca’s Last Stand', out now via Godreah Records.

3. Kill Confirmed - From The Darkest Place
Taken from the EP 'Hell In a Cell', available now at and at gigs.

4. Rannoch - 100,000 Skulls feat. Martin Walkyier
Taken from the EP 'Age Of The Locust', available now at

5. Grindhouse - Moove Gronster
Taken from the self-titled EP, available now at and at gigs.

6. Torpor - Surrender To The Light
Taken from the album 'From Nothing Comes Everything', available now at and at gigs. Limited edition tapes and vinyl also available.

7. Outright Resistance - We Are Here (1st version)
An updated version is available now on the EP 'Poveglia', available at and at gigs.

8. Iced Out - For The Coven
Taken from the EP 'Man's Ruin', available now at

9. Skrugg - Sanity Of A Madman
Taken from the EP 'Asylum Mist, available at and at gigs.

10. Vendetta - Crocodile Tears
Taken from the demo EP 'Illusions', available at

11. A Horse Called War - Backdoor Sluts 9
Taken from the EP 'Stumble At Every Hurdle', available at

12. Broken Chakra - Overthrow feat. Profit
Taken from the EP 'Circle Of Truth', available at

13. Forever Still - Scars
Taken from the EP 'Scars', available at

14. Telepath - Adhuc
Previously unreleased
Further tracks available at

15. Thirteen - Judgement Day
Taken from the album 'Deliverance', available for free at

16. Far From History - Freefall
Taken from the EP 'Eyes, Mind & Matter', available from

17. Denigrata - Kyrie Eleison
Taken from the album 'Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A Minor' available at and at gigs.

18. Spires - Ethereal Organisms
Taken from the album 'The Whisperer', available at


released December 1, 2015

Thanks: Carla Johnston, Judith Fisher & Stormbringer, James Marinos & The Wolves Of Avalon, Joe Savage & Kill Confirmed, Ian Gillings & Rannoch, Tom Harrison & Grindhouse, Torpor, Michael Worsley & Outright Resistance, Iced Out, Jim Males & Skrugg, Megan Targett & Vendetta, A Horse Called War, Yusef Dervish & Broken Chakra, Maja & Forever Still, Telepath, Charles Bryan & Thirteen, Far From History, Denigrata and Spires for all participating.



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